State and Federal Legal Digest and Compliance rules constantly maintained by our team of attorneys and claim professionals. Over 175 elements of insurance law and regs per state. Have a special area of research needed? We will create it and keep it maintained.




Total Loss Tax & Fees

We Have Answers To Your Questions On:
  • The Accurate Status of Specific Regulations and Statutes
  • Enabling Effective Claim Policies and Procedures
  • Being Ready for Market Conduct Exams
  • Answering Complaints Confidently
  • Reducing Reliance on Counsel
Information That Is Double Verified

Each item leads you to the source of the information we provide. Our team never includes any item until it is verified by a least two trusted providers. We buy data from several organizations and constantly compare that to our own research. Sophisticated software robots and custom built reports allow our team to keep all of our links active and our data is the most accurate, complete and current anywhere.



Simplicity Of Information To Give Your Team Confidence

The sheer volume of insurance related laws in one state can be intimidating. Multiply by 50 and the task can feel overwhelming. Claim Toolkit for Compliance presents information in a sleek, clean uncomplicated display using an easy to interpret format.  We work hard to make it easy for you.

Who Monitors Regulatory Updates in Your Organization?

What Our Customers Say:

"This is an absolutely amazing set of reference materials, the best I have ever seen in 27 years. I wish I had this years ago! There are competitors - but no comparison - at any price!"

Renee R. - AVP Compliance and Audit - 750 Person Claims Organization

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