Top P&C Issues: Week 5

Solving the problem: Claim files being incomplete or not properly documented

Top P&C Issues: Week 4

Solving the problem: Required compliant notices and/or disclosures not being provided

Top P&C Issues: Week 3

Solving the problem: Processing total loss claims incorrectly

Top P&C Issues: 

Week 2

Solving the problem: Issuing incorrect payment and/or liability decisions

Top P&C Issues: Week 1

Solving the problem: Paying, investigating acknowledging and/or denying claims outside of the specified time frame

Mark's Claims V2.1

Calming Customer Anger

Mark's Claims V1.10

Everyone Has One

Mark's Claims V1.9

Always Make the Offer

Our Auto Total Loss Tax & Fees Story

Mark's Claims V1.8

How to disagree (Part III): Silence is the Space Between the Notes

Mark's Claims V1.7

How to disagree (Part II): As It Turns Out

Mark's Claims V1.6

How to disagree (Part I): The Power of And

Information You Need to Know

As a new adjuster or an adjuster with a new territory, what do you need to know and how do you find the answers?

Why use an Audit Software Platform?

How are you currently auditing? Do you need to start auditing? This is why we believe auditing is important and how we can help! 

Mark's Claims V1.5

One Answer is What You Don’t Know¬†

Mark's Claims: V 1.4

Like a Good Neighbor

How to Choose a Claim's Management Software

More about Claim Toolkit: how long we’ve been in business, who we service, integrating with your system, help desk/support and navigating the platform

Mark's Claims: V 1.3

First Impressions are NOT just for Tinder

Bringing the Most Up-To-Date Laws

How our team keeps the applications up-to-date! How we give you the information you need now

Mark’s Claims: V 1.2

The Most Important Question to Ask

Why Work with Us? Our Core Values

Distracted Driving – Who’s at Fault?

Car accidents happen every day but did you know that most of them have shared fault? Let us take you through a scenario and you tell us who’s at fault!

Introducing Mark’s Claims

Who’s Mark? That’s T. Mark Fay – the creator of Claim Toolkit! Mark has been in the P&C insurance industry for… let’s just say, a while. In Mark’s Claims, he’ll share the information he’s learned along the way with tips and tricks in navigating the P&C insurance industry.