Claim Toolkit for Audit allows you to measure the accountability of your organization in a way that makes sense for your business. Working remotely with our experienced team of Claim Consultants, you will codify your Best Practices into a series of questions by claim type, severity and state. Generally this means taking your existing audit forms, reviewing them for weaknesses and categorizing the questions for optimal measurement and feedback effectiveness.




Total Loss Tax & Fees

Putting the information where it’s most useful

Once the questions are in place for a single claim type, you will have the opportunity to test the system to see how easy it is to use and discover the power of all of the information you gain from consolidating the information and looking at it across branches, units and claim reps. You’ll also see how the claim reps appreciate being given the opportunity to review the audit and provide specific feedback. While they can’t change the score, they can explain why they made the decisions. This experience helps improve the quality of the audits and the willingness of the claim rep to change their behavior.

Where you’ll see improvements
  • You’ll improve your Best Practices
  • You’ll have a clear measure of your accountability
  • You’ll be able to clearly explain your strengths and weaknesses as an organization
  • You’ll be able to plan and track improvement efforts with confidence

What Our Customers Say:

“I just completed my Cost Benefit on the first year of our performance improvement effort to get approval for year two. For every dollar we paid you my company got back 27 – in Subrogation alone! Make sure you address next year’s invoice to the new Vice President of Claims - me.”

Phil B. - Vice President of Claims, Regional Personal Lines Carrier - 100 Person Department

What Our Customers Say:

"We have been using Claim Toolkit Audit for over 2 years now and have been very happy with the product's ease of use, flexibility and results. Claim Toolkit Customer Service has been outstanding with quick response and resolution. We will continue to use Claim Toolkit Audit to track our audit and leakage results in the future."

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