Total Loss Tax & Fees

Claim Toolkit for Auto Total Loss Tax and Fees is an automated platform to calculate the total amount due on an auto total loss. Give us the Actual Cash Value (ACV) and the garaging location, and we’ll give you the accurate final amount to pay.




Total Loss Tax & Fees

Keep Complications To A Minimum

Various states have a dizzying array of how they calculate the fees on an Auto Total Loss. Our team has done the legwork to determine the requirements for every jurisdiction and built those rules into Claim Toolkit for Auto Tax and Fees.

  • Easily Integrated to Your Claim System
  • Customizable for Your Requirements
  • Approved In Every Location
  • Maintained and Updated Every Business Day
Taxes & Fees On Total Loss Is What We Do

We match the garaging address to the tax territory. You enter the ACV, whether the owner is retaining, if it is a leased vehicle and three other fields. You get:

  • An accurate calculation including interfaces to California DMV for VLF Rebates
  • A printable notice to send to your customer
  • Detailed reporting and all the information you need to process the claim


Don’t Get Caught With A Costly Mistake

State insurance regulators are increasingly looking for incorrect tax and fee payments on total losses.  If an error is found, they will expect you to reimburse customers when you have failed to correctly establish the fees due.   In addition, you can be fined for inaccurately calculating total loss fees.  Claim Toolkit for Auto Total Loss Tax & Fees take the guess work out of your calculations.

Taxes and Fees on Total Loss is an area that should be given regular attention.

What Our Customers Say:

"Where have you been all my life? My whole team just wants to give yours a hug! So easy to calculate Total Loss Tax and Fees. Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!"

Karen H. - Total Loss Claim Department Manager - 950 Person Claim Organization

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