Claim Toolkit for Auto helps you Identify, Assess and Negotiate Auto Liability with a focus on shared responsibility. Over 34% of all crashes have more than one driver at fault. What’s your percent?




Total Loss Tax & Fees

Investigate, assess, and negotiate your claim

Claim Toolkit for Auto enforces the best practices for investigating, assessing and negotiating an auto liability claim.

Many common accidents have shared responsibility, yet most claim departments ignore it. The Claim Toolkit for Auto helps your Claim Reps make accurate payments through:

  • Accident type tips and evaluation techniques to improve Claim Rep skill
  • Efficient, complete investigation templates and processes that preserve the key facts
  • Fast, accurate assessments that give realistic ranges for settlement
  • Negotiation strategy tied to our adjusting psychology training series, providing case-specific word tracks and methods to overcome objectives
  • Automatic generation of verbiage for offer and denial letters and arbitration contentions
Comprehensive training for your claims reps

We have developed a unique taxonomy that allows us to train concepts and then point the claim rep to the correct information for that jurisdiction and loss type. Taking the concepts and applying the specific contract language, laws, and facts, claim reps can quickly make the right decision.

Implementing the Claim Toolkit for Auto has been PROVEN to improve operating results by:

  • Reducing new claim rep training time
  • Reducing liability payments through proper use of negligence laws
  • Reducing property payments by identifying fraud and controlling unit labor and materials costs
  • Improving adjuster confidence

What Our Customers Say:

“As I work with more and more vendors, I can honestly say that your company is the best partner I have dealt with. I know that you understand the dynamics of the environment and the pressures for results, but your team is also sensitive to sincerely helping us to get where we need to be. And it is working!”

Kim F. - Director of Casualty, Top 25 Auto and Homeowners Carrier - 600 Person Department

What Our Customers Say:

“Your Auto product has been a fantastic tool for us for several years. It is a night and day difference in how we investigate and negotiate liability. Now that we have trained our property team on your new version we are having much better investigations on homeowner’s property and casualty losses. Our dog bite improvement alone appears it will pay back our cost – in the first two months! And the fraud training on slab claims, jewelry and small fires looks to be equally impressive. Congratulations on building a great product that any claim professional could really benefit from. Next year we will be ready for your Commercial Lines version!”

Mike R. - Director of Claims Operations, Regional Personal and Commercial Lines Carrier - 225 Person Department

What Our Customers Say:

"ClaimToolkit has provided my organization with a platform to accurately assess performance and drill down areas of opportunity. In addition, the support and customer service provided by them is outstanding which is equally important. There is no other program that I am familiar with that come close to ClaimToolkit."

Dino K. - Auto Carrier - 400 Person Department

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