First Impressions are NOT just for Tinder

Have a tough negotiation coming up? Take a minute to think of something you can genuinely say about the case that your adversary will see as a positive.


I am not talking about their alma mater’s victory. I am talking about something in the case that you can offer that benefits them.


“I have received authority to settle this case.”


“We have completed our investigation and we can close this today.”


“I received and reviewed your recent additional documentation, thank you, it was exactly what I needed.”


Social science research from the University of Iowa showed two things:

1.) Adversaries were 80% more likely to accept less advantageous results when the overall impression of the interaction was positive.

2.) They were 60% more likely to see the overall interaction as positive if the first substantive information they received was beneficial, or positive, to them.


This technique is easy and costs you nothing. It won’t work every time, but what does? It can’t hurt. Try it and let us know what happens:


Open every negotiation with a statement that your adversary will see as positive.


You might “swipe” a great settlement.


Mark’s Claims are meant to be denied! How do you open a negotiation?