Like a Good Neighbor

Need to reach someone in a hurry but can’t track down a phone number? 

If you have their address, use one of the many online reverse directories to find numbers for neighbors and call them! A recent Gallup Survey said 72% of all Americans would consider passing information to a neighbor – but only if it was a “clear benefit” to their acquaintance. 

The quality of these internet cross reference services seems to change with the wind but at Claim Toolkit, we current like 

Lets acknowledge that this technique won’t work in every neighborhood and cold calling is tough to do. But you can do it and you should! It will increase your contact percentages – guaranteed. Surprisingly, apartment building can be fertile grounds.

In the days where we can easily Venmo someone a cup of coffee, managers should think how they can empower their claims reps to thank people who help. 

My best success has come when I’ve given a quickly spoken request that emphasizes that I am not a salesman and their neighbor needs my help. I string everything together, talking fast – and hope they don’t hang up.

“This is Mark Fay with Acme Insurance on a recorded line. This is not a sales call. Hey, do you know Sue and Bob across the street? I’m their insurance adjuster. I don’t have their cell, could you get them our number?”

“Mark Fay with Acme Insurance, not a sales call. Did you notice Bob’s silver Mazda across the street was damaged? We’re the insurance company responsible – can you have him call us?”

“Mark Fay adjuster with Acme Insurance here – not a sales call. We’ve been trying to reach your neighbor Sue in Unit A1 to take care of some medical bills she has, could you stick a note on her door? Happy to send you $5 for a cup of coffee.”

While social media and snail mail are also effective tools, when you need to reach someone in a hurry, call people who live or work near them.

Like a good neighbor, many Americans will pass your info on. 

Try it!

Mark’s Claims can be denied! Got a better way? Let us know! 

Why would you NOT try to call a neighbor?