Introducing Mark’s Claims

Something happened when I wasn’t paying attention. I have become an insurance claims expert. As a matter of fact, I have spent a lifetime learning to adjust.


In 35 years in the business, I have been an appraiser, auditor, investigator, adjuster, manager, regional manager and Corporate Claims executive while working for a carrier. I also spearheaded major projects including new claim systems and changing a 5,000-person organization to a 24 X 7 operation.


As a vendor, I have benefitted from the experience of the 25,000 adjusters I have met in the 47 states and 4 countries I have traveled to for my job. Collectively they insure everything from cruise ships to Corollas to coconuts falling on your head. Much of what I know they taught me.


Along the way I invented five software applications in wide-spread use and today we support 80 P&C carriers, TPAs and self-insureds. Because of my career in Claims, this kid from Atlanta, Illinois (pop. 1,700) considers every day Thanksgiving. For real.


Recently some super smart team members encouraged us to expand our social media presence. We have and it has given me this platform.


After literally millions and millions of claims, I have learned a few things a long the way. The purpose of Mark’s Claims is to share some of those tips with you. I’ll be back to illuminate and share one little corner of the claims worlds I have been fortunate to have visited.


You’ll learn:

The most important question to ask in every loss;

How to deal with angry people;

The best way to disagree; and


Overall, little tricks to help you investigate, assess and negotiate any claim.


I hope to challenge you, educate you and entertain you. If you feel Mark’s Claims could benefit your team or colleagues, please like, share or message us!


Because one day – and it won’t even take 35 years – you’ll realize you are an expert.