How to Choose a Claim’s Management Software

There are quite a few claims management software systems out there. How do you choose? Each company needs to make the right decision for them and what’s best for their team. If you are considering Claim Toolkit for your software needs, here are some things to know about us that could help! 


Claim Toolkit has been in business since 1997, with our founders/owners still very much involved in the day-to-day operations. Both came from P&C insurance companies so saw what the industry was missing and decided to create a company. The business has been in full swing ever since and every year we continue to bring on new customers as well as serving existing ones. We ask what our customer’s need so we can enhance our products to P&C insurance adjuster’s needs. Feedback has been an essential factor in our enhancement and creation of new products. 


We get asked quite frequently what insurers use our products. Though we can’t disclose names, we can tell you that some of our clients have great commercials! We also have customers that are smaller, local companies that are just as important to us. Big or small, we love our customers – they keep our wheels rolling!


No matter the size of the company or their current software, our products integrate seamlessly. All of our products are web-based application that are specific to the company using them. In the last couple of years we have even started to do single sign-on’s to make it even easier for claims adjusters to hop on our applications. They may not even realize that Claim Toolkit is a separate product/company because of this integration. We want to make it as seamless as possible to get your adjusters up and running using the product so their job is easier and more efficient. 


For the amount of adjusters using our products, you’d be surprised how few questions we get about how to use our products. We have hover help, so if you don’t know what something means just hover over it for an explanation. Our compliance product, which can be overwhelming to look at because of the amount of information, has a search tool! The adjuster doesn’t need to know exactly what a chart is called but can type in a key word and the charts related to that word will populate so they can select the correct one they are looking for. Don’t worry though, we provide training on all of our products – whether you’ve been a customer for years or you’re brand new! 


If you’re considering a claims management software system for your audit, auto or compliance needs – we can help! There is never any harm in learning more about how your company can become more efficient. In fact, we just signed a customer that reached out to us years ago but at that time decided to go with a different company. Sometimes, it takes comparing to realize that Claim Toolkit is what you need! Claim Toolkit was created by claims professionals for claims professionals, so maybe we can help you!