Processing Total Loss Claims Correctly

This week we are getting into one of the biggest challenges: Processing total loss claims correctly.


We actually had a customer approach us with this problem and asked us to come up with a solution. At first, we didn’t think is was possible but Claim Toolkit for Auto Total Loss Tax & Fees was born! 


It has taken us years to perfect this product but now we can say with confidence that Claim Toolkit for Auto Total Loss Tax & Fees is your solution to handling total loss claims properly. Out of all of our products, this one has been the most popular this year. Why? because everyone has this problem but there aren’t many solutions out there!


We calculate tax and fees so you know exactly what is owed for a total loss, no matter the garaging address. We even have team members dedicated to keeping the taxes and fees up to date and making sure all the calculations run smoothly. 


Do you think you’re a total loss expert? Send us your answers to these questions to find out (no cheating!):