Why Works With Us – Our Core Competencies

 How is Claim Toolkit different than other companies? Besides our amazing products, why would you want to work with us? Great questions!


Our vision: indispensable market leader enabling excellence in claim investigations, assessment, negotiations and settlements. 


Our mission: Training, software and consulting for the professional claim organization enabling them to pay the correct amount while acknowledging the losses involved with kindness, respect and empathy. 


How often do you see those last 3 words in someone’s mission statement? KINDNESS, RESPECT and EMPATHY. this is who we are and what separates us from other claims software companies. 


This is how we treat each other and that is how we treat our customers. We may be behind the scenes but we know that as claim’s adjusters, you have an extremely hard job! You are out there working with customers who have been involved in an auto accident or helping them with property damage which can the one of the hardest times someone is going through. The least we can do is support you by treating you with kindness, respect and empathy. 


We might be a software company, but we are real people that treat people the way we want to be treated. No one is perfect – even though we try really hard! Is a link on our website broken? Let us know! We will send you a little gift as a thank you for letting us know so we can fix it. Has a new claim come across your desk that you’ve never handled before and you don’t know where to start? Give us a call! We can help you locate the information in our application to make your life a little easier. Do you wish the product functioned a little different to better suit your company’s needs? Not a problem, we have made changes in the past and will continue to do so to enhance our products to fit your needs. Those are just a couple examples of how we live our core competences every day. 


Claim toolkit was, and is, designed to make a claims adjuster’s life easier so we are going to do everything we can to live up to that.


When I first started with the company, I talked to every employee and asked them what they liked best about their job. Just about everyone said that they enjoy seeing the difference our products make in a claims adjuster’s life – easy to find information, increased efficiency in claims handling and providing support when needed. 


If we aren’t living up to these core competencies, let us know! …Thankfully, that hasn’t happened yet.