Why use an Audit Software Platform

How is your current audit system set up? How long does it take you to complete an audit and do you feel like you’re gathering all the information you need? What’s the point of auditing? Tough questions – I know! 

I recently starting getting involved in our audit product and let me tell you…how I’ve seen it help organizations is just remarkable! I’ve heard our owner, Mark, say that but he created the company and the software so it makes sense. But, honestly, it’s the truth! The amount of positive feedback I’ve heard from customers about how this software makes their lives easier, makes feedback to their adjusters easier, and saves them time – it’s actually all I’ve heard. The number of companies that are currently using spreadsheets to audit their adjusters is unbelievable. The formulas, the amount of time, how to translate the numbers into digestible reports – it’s actually quite impressive that people do it this way! 

I personally never really thought of the process companies use to audit their employees for efficiencies, following procedures and giving feedback using data but now that I’ve seen how our audit software really helps, I don’t know why anyone wouldn’t want to use it! Don’t just let me, an employee at Claim Toolkit tell you that, we have over 40 audit customers that can tell you that as well!

With Claim Toolkit for audit, you can customize our software to best suit your needs. What kinds of audits do you want to run, what kinds of reports, who has access to what – that is all up to you! Our software is a template and we provide guidance to help you get the best results possible.

Our goal for audit is that it helps managers see where their claims’ adjusters need more training. Isn’t that the point of auditing? What are we missing and how can we do better? It isn’t just to give someone a grade. It does give that but Claim Toolkit for Audit helps you really drill down to what’s being missed so you know EXACTLY what to train on!

We have continued to make improvements on this product as we are given feedback from customers to ensure that it meets every customer’s needs. We are currently working on an enhancement where managers can input goals for employees so they can compare results to the goals set.

If you are unsure if you really need an audit system, that your spreadsheets seem to be working just fine, it never hurts to just check us out. We can provide a quick demo so you can see if Claim Toolkit for Audit might just suit your needs and make your audit life a little easier!