One Answer is What You Don’t Know

It was the next to last interview for the big corporate job. Tomorrow I would meet the Executive VP who was the hiring manager. I seemed sure to get the position and while I expected this meeting to be perfunctory, it ended up profound. 

The wise head of auditing leaned back in the booth. We were at a tavern near Cleveland. (Yes, it is true young ones: in the 80’s, we would often gather in bars for interviews, meetings and fellowship.)

He listened to my life story respectfully and asked a few forgettable questions before he stopped me with this one:

“What’s the one thing you need to know to be successful in this job?”

One? I was perplexed. I rambled about integrity and purpose and while he nodded, he wasn’t satisfied. 

“Those things are necessary,” he agreed. “But what is the one thing you need to know to be successful in any job?”

Now the sweat broke out and I stammered. I admitted I had no idea. 

“You’ll be perfect,” he said. 

P.S.: Use this in your own interviews. There is nothing more important to know in claims or management then what you don’t know.